Amron® HF

Unique SoIution for high Performance Cotton dyeing…

The Amron® HF Industry’s most Versatile Performing dyestuff range meeting most stringent fastness specifications & ever increasing demands of International fabric buyers Lacoste, Outerbank, Nike, Trlburg. Nauhca, Nautica, Marks & Spencer, ecological baby & close skin contact products.. It doesn’t matter.

Apart from basic requirements like Compatibility. Consistency, Reproducibility & right first time approach it has added values like,

  • Ideal profile of Substantivity, exhaustion & fixation rate, which enable to have every similar performance and least sensitivity to small processing variables when used an admixture.
  • Excellent level dyeing properties due to homogeneous fixation behavior & high migration index.
  • High Fastness to Post Mercerization Chlorine & oxidative wash.
  • Meet the most stringent specifications of Fastness to Light.
  • High Performance Non Flaring Properties in different illuminants.
  • Excellent Washing Off Properties, which minimizing effluent costs & Improves productivity.
  • Meets the requirements of major ecology standards.

cutting edge Step, ready to take on tomorrow…