DTP – Reactive Inkjet Colorant

Amtex Dye Chem Industries is a Reactive Dyes manufacturer in india. For over 25 years Amtex has continuously invested in research and development to bring new products to market. With years of technical expertise in manufacturing of reactive dyes, Amtex has now developed and produced entire range of Reactive dyes powder for Digital textile Printing (DTP) in order to meet increasing market demand.

Amtex is a major supplier of digital textile printing inkjet dyes to the ink sector. Amtex offers global ink manufactures the security of the highest quality, pure Reactive dye powders with which to exploit the growing opportunities in the ink sector. Amtex sources its dye raw materials from the best chemical, synthesis, with different technologies and finishes, packs and quality control its products to attain the highest standard in the industry.

Each batch of our dyes comes with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis (COA) to give the customer peace of mind, the guarantee that they are using the best raw materials available.

Amtex has a track record of successful, long term partnerships and extensive experience with establishing and managing joint ventures. Through these partnerships Amtex is constantly expanding our range of activities and working with our partners to open up new markets and new application for our technologies.

Our dyes are processed with the most comprehensive purification and filtration technologies, delivering premium performance in inkjet printing.

Our dyes are produced in such a way that they can be easily formulated as ink jet inks for EPSON, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sieko, Konica Minolta, Canon and other printers.

Features of formulated digital printing dyes

  • Very law Salt Content (Chloride, Sulfate, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphate and Silica etc)

  • High Purity (High HPLC, Minimum 92%)

  • Excellent light fastness

  • Long periods of shelf-life

  • Robust print reliability

  • Excellent printability with bright and vivid colors

PRODUCTS – Reactive Dyes For Digital Textile Printing

Product Name

Color Index

Reactive Yellow H5G

C.I. Yellow 2

Reactive Yellow P6GS

C.I. Yellow 95

Reactive Yellow P6GS-N

C.I. Yellow 95:1

Reactive Golden Yellow HR

C.I. Orange 12

Reactive Orange P2R

C.I. Orange 13

Reactive Red PB

C.I. Red 24

Reactive Red PBN

C.I. Red 24:1

Reactive Red P4B

C.I. Red 245

Reactive Red P6B

C.I. Red 218

Reactive Red P8B

C.I. Red 31

Reactive Blue P3R

C.I. Blue 49

Reactive TQ. Blue PGR

C.I. Blue 72

Reactive Brown P6R

C.I. Brown 11

Reactive Navy Blue P2R

C.I. Blue 176

Reactive Black PGR

C.I. Black Mix

Reactive Deep Black N-150

Reactive Black RL

C.I. Black 31