Amron® HRDF

Unique Solution to high Performance deep Shade dyeing…

The Amron®HRDF, Novel & most Versatile Performing dyestuff range. meeting most stringent fastness specifications & ever increasing demands of Intenational fabric buyers. Adidas, Nike, Gap, Marks & Spencer. John Lewis .. it doesn’t matter,

Apart from basic requirements like Compitibility. ConSistency, Reproducibility & right first time approach, it has added values like,

  • extremely high build up & high degree of fi,atlon in deep shades. This leads to excellent build up properties, excellent reproducibility and low effluent loading.
  • Excellent Washing Off Properties, whfr4l leads to high wet fastness Properties along with improved productivity.
  • Ideal profile of Substantivity, exhaustion & fixation rate, which enable to have every similar performance and least sensitivity to small processing variables when used in admixture.
  • Excellent level dyeing Performance due to homogeneous fixation behavior & high migration index.
  • Meet the most stringent specifications of Fastness to Light.
  • Meets the requirements of major ecology standards.

Cutting edge Step, ready to take on tomorrow…