Research and Development

Leading the path through innovation

The steer leaders at Amtex have since its inception preferred setting long term business objectives rather than settling with a myopic approach. Thinking of striking right on greater milestones that we have set for our business, we have always encouraged innovation. We have an advanced Research and Development center so that we keep on evolving constantly by infusing innovation in our development processes. This not only helps us develop new product range but also help us ensure that we are constantly fostering growth as a responsible business. We consider the conclusions rendered by our R&D department to minimize waste, improve existing products, and optimize production processes and thereby fulfilling greater environmental responsibilities.

With the right mix of innovation and creative intelligence, we leverage the excellence center to precisely understand and meet ever-evolving customer demands, enhance customized production, improve environment responsibilities, and optimize production processes. We make sure we maintain our leadership position in the specialized development of dyes for textile applications and keep an edge over our competitors.


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