Corporate Responsibility


Since our inception, we have kept our conduct in line with the CSR norms and today we see Corporate Social Responsibility beyond the legal and commercial norms. Being a partnership firm, there is no enforcement on us for utilizing a particular share of revenue generated for CSR activities.  But we feel responsible towards societal upliftment and believe in making a positive difference in the society. We feel empowered as we contribute to make the society and the earth a better place to dwell. At Amtex, that’s how we measure our success – by how well we can create a positive impact in the community and the planet.

In all our endeavors, we try to create great value for all our stakeholders. We believe that our employees play a prime role in the success of our organization. We immensely value their role and make our conduct such that we can take care of their health and well-being. Also, we follow fair working conditions and have special provisions for family leave and sickness. We do not encourage gender bias and provide equal growth opportunities to all.

We dedicate 3% of our revenue for charitable work that are intended towards the overall upliftment of the society. Having collaboration with various social associations that work solely for social and economic development of our country, we extend our support regularly to help them in the social causes they work for.

Being a leading reactive dyes manufacturing company, we make efforts to make minimize the impact on the environment caused by the operations and services. We implement and leverage state-of-art technologies to maximize the recycling of waste and minimize the effect of various chemical processes on the environment.


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