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Amtex specializes in manufacturing a versatile range of reactive dyes that are ideal for dyeing textiles like cotton and viscose. AMRON® HF, AMRON® HR2D/HRDF, & MIIND® EQ are our reactive dyes brands that are suitable for various applications including continuous and exhaust.

As a leading reactive dyes supplier and exporter, we at Amtex deploy latest and high-end technologies to develop a range of premium-grade dyes that conforms to the international industry standards. Since our reactive dyes are formulated with the best quality raw materials leveraging our high-end infrastructure, they provide very high Intelligent Quotient as well as Environmental Quotient. We wish to continue pioneering as a leading reactive dyes manufacturer in India owing to our incessant efforts for innovation and attaining ultimate manufacturing adroitness.



  • Can be used for continuous dyeing as well as the exhaust dyeing process
  • Considered ideal for light/medium shades
  • Has very high light fastness
  • Excellent trichromic combinations for PLF, Chlorinated water, and multiple wash fastness/home laundering
  • Excellent reproducibility and the right first time
  • Meets all the ecological norms
  • Aligned to all the fastness norms of reputed reactive dyes buyers throughout the world
  • Compatible with our another range AMRON HR2D Dyestuffs




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