At Amtex, we feel responsible to keep our conduct directed towards fulfilling the societal responsibilities specifically those relating to environmental protection. Besides putting efforts for thriving maximum profits and attaining corporate growth to our fullest potential, we encourage sustainable development in all our endeavors. Keeping an eye towards preventing environmental caution through reactive dyes production, we dedicate a share from our revenue to ensure environmentally safe practices.

We have been continuously innovating with ways to attain complete environmental compliance. We recognize the value of creating a definable change by understanding our duties towards the environment and we enjoy the affirmative effects after fulfilling the same. In order to create a difference by complying with the environmental standard at its best, we have had undergone deep backward and forward integration and have imposed a stringent check on Amtex dyestuff production and raw materials manufacturing.

Our management and technical team are streamlining processes by entailing continuous product innovation for optimal utilization of the products. We are equipping our premises with new technologies for the best treatment of wastewater and other waste products. Having in-house ETP plant, we express our concern towards environmental protection by keeping a check on emission levels and ensuring best waste treatment.

Our on-going sustainability practices

  • 3% of revenue is dedicatedly invested for sustainability practices and societal upliftment
  • Adopted completely eco-friendly packaging and eliminated the usage of plastic for the same
  • 95% usage efficiency of our range of reactive dyes leading to minimal waste

We adhere to all the national and international laws for environmental protection and are committed to creating a better, sound, and safe life around.