Digital Textile Printing


Digital textile printing is the fastest-growing segment within textile printing. Increasingly, more printing mills are making the transition from conventional to digital printing. MIIND EQI inks redefines the printing experience with its innovative blend of quality and sustainability. Crafted with precision, these inks boast vivid pigments that effortlessly glide onto fabric, ensuring smooth and consistent lines. What sets MIIND EQI apart is its eco-conscious approach, utilizing renewable materials and minimizing environmental impact throughout production. Each droplet with MIIND EQI inks reflects a commitment to sustainability without compromising on performance. With a palette of rich colors and a conscience for the planet, MIIND EQI inks inspire creativity while promoting a greener future—one drop at a time.

AMTEX, a recognized global manufacturer of printing inks, is actively investing in digital printing, bringing high innovation, creativity, quality and sustainability.

Amtex Dye-Chem Industries is a top-notch supplier and manufacturer of digital textile printing ink offering premium quality ink that is suitable with various printheads, fabrics, and applications. We have developed an innovative range of digital printing ink that lends premium performance in printing. As digital printing is on a rise, we at Amtex have put efforts to develop superior-grade digital printing ink that is safe for the environment as well as economically affordable. However, we develop ink with the best quality raw materials and it comes with an authorized COA (Certificate of Analysis) so that our customers can stay assured about the quality.

Amtex’s reactive digital printing ink has been formulated to suit as inkjet inks in a variety of leading industrial printheads such as Kyocera, Epson, Fuji, Mimaki, Ricoh, Seiko, Xaar, Konica & Minolta, and more. We offer tailor-made inks in a wide variety of colors and finishes to suit the modern day design and performance requirements.

Key performance benefits

  • Supports a broad spectrum of printing heads
  • Consistent quality and stability ensure excellent reproducibility
  • Formulated uniquely to prevent print head damage
  • Produces vivid colours with sharp, bleed-free prints
  • Embraces an eco-friendly approach and minimising environmental impact



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