Amron® HR2D

Unique Solution for High Performance Cotton Dyeing…

The Amron®, Industry’s most versatile Performing dyestuff range,meeting most stringent fastness specifications & ever increasing demands of international fabric buyers. Lacoste, Outerbank, Nike, Triburg, Nautica, Marks & Spencer, ecological baby & close skin contact produts or Home Textiles.. It doesn’t matter.

Valued for its,

  • All Apllication Suitability, i.e. we shall meet Exhaust, CDR & CPB application from same dyestuff Inventory.
  • High degree of exhauton (>88%) & fixation (>90%). This leads to excellent build up properties, excellent reproducibility and low effluent loading.
  • Meeting all Stringent Fastness norms. Like High fastness to light alongwith High fastness to chlorine, non-chlorine, multiple wash etc.
  • Meeting all Stringent Post Fastness norms. Like fastness to mercerization. Oxidative wash etc.
  • Meets the Norms of each ecology standards.

Arm your products with addes value, of you own interests or requirements.